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It is amazing how life can get in the way of fitness for those of us “once upon a time athletes.” Before you know it you are out of shape, overweight, and nursing injuries because you think you’ve still got it.

With job, life, and family responsibilities that prevent you from training, you start looking for other outlets that market the results you want. You end up trying things like P90X, HIIT, etc, with either limited results or injuries. These other fitness fads have incredible marketing. Sure you can lose 20 pounds with a 6 week boot camp, but these companies want you to succeed so they can take your picture and put it out there on Facebook. It’s for them, not you.

Danny, Jesus, and crew are not in the fitness industry so much as they are the wellness industry. They work with you and the physical, personal, and life restraints that have held you back and come with a plan for you. With Tucson Strength, I’ve found a home. I’ve found a community. I’ve found a new, better, long lasting version of me. I’ve found wellness in addition to fitness.

Jarrod Mosier, MD 

Strength Training Personal Training Tucson

Jarrod running his 1st 1/2 Marathon in June 2017″

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I have trained with Danny for 4 years . Prior to Danny, I had trained with many different trainers that basically depleted muscle with over conditioning . 

I decided to try Danny because I had heard he was very knowledgeable about training the correct way.  After 4 years my body has been completely transformed. My muscle mass has been increased as well as my stamina.

Being a tennis player as well , Danny has helped me increase my endurance to be able to compete on a higher level. I have benefited on many levels on Danny’s knowledge and experience. Danny has encouraged me to change my diet and most of all Danny has taught me the importance on recovery. I look forward to my training days with Danny and look forward to continuing my journey of strength training with Tucson Strength.

Liz Bailey  

I have been training with Danny for the last 3 years. Although I have both an athletic and Exercise Science background, the amount knowledge I have gained from him is astounding. 

Danny takes great care in understanding my goals and tailoring my workout based on my training outside of the gym.
I deeply appreciate the confidence I have in Danny to keep me injury free while pushing me to my athletic limits.
I firmly believe there is not a better trainer in the region.

Kelly Wild

Strength Coach Tucson


I started working with Danny after a friend of mine recommended him.  He raved about how much better he was moving and had a dramatic improvement in his workouts.  After the first session, I was moving like an athlete and using my legs and core like never before.

He was able to expertly screen my movement patterns, make corrections as we went and transformed my workout routine.  I can’t recommend his approach enough

Michael Pleasants, MD 

I started working out at Tucson Strength about a year and a half ago.  When I came to Tucson Strength I thought I really knew what I was doing around the weight room.  I met Danny and started working out with him once a week.  He adjusted and broke the lifts down in a way that I could understand.  I started to get stronger and Danny encouraged me to compete in the upcoming meet at the gym.  I began training and this is when I officially became “All in”.

Danny can motivate me, and give me a hard time all at once and it works.  Most importantly he has my best interest in mind, even when it is not what I want to hear. 

The environment at Tucson Strength is one you will not find anywhere else.  I cannot believe the progress I have made in my time here.  I am excited to see where this powerlifting journey takes me.  I am so proud and honored to have Danny, Aris, Sergio and all the coaches of Tucson Strength by my side.  Tucson Strength is the real deal!!!

Denise Cosmas

Powerlifting Tucson Strength Training

If you are training like you are 20 and approaching 40 or beyond you need to realize you have different needs. You can still become stronger than you ever imagined, but you will need a different path.

Danny Sawaya