Read This Before You Start Running

I can’t count the times I have people tell me how much they hate running. Actually, I was that person about 2 years ago. I discouraged many of my clients to run and barely ever did it unless I was on vacation on the beach. The sad part is I lost my ability to run. Yes, I was a Personal Trainer and a gym owner that promotes health and started to lose my ability to run. I had a rude awakening and realized I didn’t want to NOT have the ability to run for distance. The truth is most people should not run to get into shape. They should get in shape to run. The cool thing is once I had the right direction and coaching I was able to run a half marathon within a few months and have run numerous in the past couple years with no injuries!

For the active adult that hasn’t run in years, just strapping on shoes and hitting the road is still something I completely advise against mostly because people are doing it all wrong. I wrote this article on my other blog and encourage all of you to read it before you decide to start a running program.  READ MORE

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