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I offer online coaching for those interested in general strength & conditioning or  competitive/recreational powerlifting.

I am not a physique or a competitive bodybuilding coach, if you are looking to get on stage I can refer you to the right sources that can help you achieve those goals.

You must have prior experience with strength training in the past. If you have never lifted a weight in your life or don’t understand some of the fundamentals, I would rather you meet with a qualified coach in person to ensure you are being taught correctly.  Though I will do Skype and video coaching I can’t teach everything online.  If you are in Tucson we can set up in person sessions with myself or my team to teach fundamentals. If you live outside of Tucson I would be happy to refer you to many of my colleagues around the country. Before training online I may ask you to submit some technique videos of you lifting to make sure I am the right coach for you.

Though our relationship will be online I will give you a full amount of my attention to make sure you excelling to reach your goals. I check and respond to emails at scheduled times  through out the day and do my best to be available. We will also have scheduled phone calls for checkins. Many times I will have you send in videos to check form and also see the progress with my own eyes.

The most important aspect of this is that you follow the program and keep me abreast of anything that is affecting your training.



$159monthly-3mo. commitment
  • Goal Setting Session
  • Programming with Ongoing Adjustments
  • Weekly Video Submission Feedback
  • Daily E-Mail Correspondence
  • Phone and Text communication (within reason)